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SK Topiary carries a wide variety of Topiary Frames, Moss Topiary and Planted Topiary in many specialty animal topiary shapes.

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We have a full inventory of wholesale topiaries and ship directly to nurseries
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Find wire frames, custom topiaries and animal shaped topiaries from SK Topiary.

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    Our topiary frames come in many different attractive animal and other topiary shapes. The topiary frames are hand-weaved with a smooth flowing technique and mounted on secure metal topiary frames. These topiary frames are detachable into multiple partitions and metal clips attached to the topiary frame join the partitions securely. The topiary wire frames may be opened up for placement on larger shrubs.

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Topiary Hand Weave Technique Our topiary frame hand weave technique

Wholesale Topiary Showcase View SK Topiary Showcase A selection of images from our wholesale topiary nursery and our products

About Us We are a Wholesale Topiary Design and Manufacturing Company. Our main objective is to serve the wholesale and nursery market for topiaries. We take pride in the unique way of producing our topiary frames.

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Our topiary nursery in San Martin, California.

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Question Other Topiary Frames SK703 Wholesale Topiary Frames
Production method? Cut wire mesh topiary can cause injury to hand Hand weave topiary frame to desired shape - smooth profile all round
Does topiary frame have a skeletal rod? NO, topiary can disfigure easily YES, all topiaries are shaped with skeletal wire
Mass production standard size topiary? NO, depend on individual skill YES, using standard mold for mass topiary production
Removable parts for easy working? NO, all topiary parts are fixed YES, and all topiary parts can be disassembled and reshaped
Can a bigger plant be used on topiary? NO, plant has to be grown from seeding or smaller size than the topiary frame YES, and parts of topiary frames can be disassembled and accommodates larger plants
Can it be shipped if size is over 36 inches tall? NO, there is limitation on normal mailing YES, parts can be disassembled and reassembled thus save on mailing cost of topiary
Compare cost? Manual production slow and costly Mass produced - Fast, efficient, greatly reduce topiary cost

Immediate Shipping
Our topiary frames ship directly from our California nursery. We ship via Fedex and USPS.

West Coast - 2 to 3 business days
East Coast - 5 to 6 business days

Need it faster?
USPS 2-3 days or Fedex Second Day (Please mention in email)

Return Policy
Returns within 14 days in original condition are accepted, with a 10% restocking fee for Frames only.
Moss products have a 30% restocking fee, after returning the buyer has the right to buy back within 60 days at a discounted rate.
Refunds issued are for the product cost only (less 10% restocking fee) and WILL NOT include costs for shipping and handling.

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