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Large Topiary

We offer LIFE-SIZE topiary frames in big sizes. Specialty Topiary Forms Selection 36" and larger.

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Some large topiary frames require special handling. Questions? Contact us freely

Giraffe out of stock

Bowling TopiaryBowling Topiary
52"H 43"L 23"W

Reading Person TopiaryReading Person Topiary
35"H 32"L 22"W

Angel TopiaryAngel Topiary
48"H 37"L 22"W

72" x 48" x 36"

Butterfly TopiaryButterfly Topiary
Out of Stock

Large Elephant TopiaryLarge Elephant Topiary
46"H x 86"L x 42"W

Flying HorseFlying Horse
48"H x 52"L x 50"W

Large Lion TopiaryLarge Lion Topiary
Frog Singer TopiaryFrog Singer Topiary

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