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SK Topiary Frames

  Topiary Frames, Moss Frames, Planted in many shapes and sizes.

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Sauropods Frame 32"H x 27"W x 10"D $88.00
Sauropods Frame 32"H x 27"W x 10"D $138.00

Schnauzer F506

Schnauzer Frame 12"H x 14"L x 6"W $18.90
Schnauzer Frame 18"H $28.90
Sniff 23"H X 24"L X 8"W $80.00

Stork Bird

Stork Bird Frame 36" $42.00
Stork Bird Frame with Moss 36" $88.00

Squirrel F501

Squirrel Frame Mini 8"H $6.00
Squirrel Frame 12"H x 11"L x 5"WW $18.00
Squirrel Frame Mini Moss 8"H $9.00
Squirrel Frame Moss 12"H x 11"L x 5"WW $26.00

Surframes [Vietnamese]

Nguyen 12"H x 36"W x 4"D $68.00
Huynh 12"H x 30"W x 4"D $58.00
Tran 12"H x 24"W x 4"D $48.00
Le 12"H x 12"W x 4"D $23.90

Teapot F398

Teapot 10"H x 13"L x 8"W $38.00
Teapot with Moss 10"H x 13"L x 8"W $58.00

Tiger F714

Tiger Frame 22"H x 47"W $68.00

Sea Turtle F888

Sea Turtle Frame 6"H x 15"L x 10"W $28.00


Sea Turtle Frame Moss 6"H x 15"L x 10"W $38.00


USA Frame 6"H x 11"W x 4"D $18.00


USA Frame 12"H x 17"W x 4"D $28.00


Moss Cube 1 cubic foot $15.00
Moss Cube 8 cubic foot $108.00

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